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Elevate Athlete.

To excel in lacrosse, you need a wide range of physical and mental skills.  The sport demands a high level of conditioning and physicality.  Athletes must be able to change direction, dodge, and exhibit speed and power to rise above their competition.

Our performance training program focuses on building speed, power and strength - and each of the training sessions include:

- Movement preparation (active and dynamic warm-up)

- Speed and agility drills

- Power training

- Strength training

- Core strength training

- Lacrosse specific training


Our lacrosse performance training program is designed to help you obtain the fundamental requisites to maximize your ability and become a better overall athlete.

Intermediate Training.

Age appropriate training focused on speed, agility, quickness, and reaction.

Advanced Training.

Players can perform routine exercises with good technique.   

Nov. - December

January - February

5th - 8th Grade Boys & Girls

Nov. - December

January - February

9th - 12th Grade Boys & Girls

Player Placement Level.

Question on what level your child should be registering for?

ELEVATE success stems from our ability to assess each players ability and place in a program where they will flourish.  Players may move up levels at anytime they demonstrate an improved level of skill.

Players may be moved levels once a training session has begun if they were not properly placed.  Players placed in to high of a training level will not receive the skill appropriate teaching  and development that is needed per individual growth.

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