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This December, KC Elevate presents

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World Lacrosse (WL) is the international governing body for men’s and women’s lacrosse. WL currently sanctions five World Championships (women’s and men’s field, women’s and men’s U19 field and men’s indoor). WL is responsible for the governance and integrity of all forms of lacrosse and provides responsive and effective leadership to support the sports’ development throughout the world.

World Lacrosse is introducing the name, brand identity and first phase of technical resources for the new 6 v 6 discipline that has been developed through a comprehensive consultation, trial and refinement process involving players, coaches, officials and leaders of lacrosse around the world.

The new discipline of lacrosse will be formally known as World Lacrosse Sixes. On a more conversational or familiar basis, the new discipline will be referred to as Sixes.

“This is the beginning of an exciting, new era for World Lacrosse and lacrosse players around the globe,” said World Lacrosse President Sue Redfern. “As the newest offering from our international federation, World Lacrosse Sixes is an ideal complement to our existing field and box disciplines. Sixes blends many of the most popular aspects of the field and box games, and introduces new elements that appeal to the next generation of sport participants and fans.

What Makes World Lacrosse Sixes Different
Among the major differences players will find in World Lacrosse Sixes are:

• :30 second shot clock
• Games are played in 4, 8-minute quarters
• Goalies initiate play after goals are scored; draws / faceoffs occur only at the start of each quarter
• Field size is 70×36 meters
• Flow of the game emphasizes tempo, with fewer stoppages in play
• Everyone plays both sides of the field (defense/offensive); substitutions are made on the fly
• Rosters are comprised of 12 players, which leads to more playing time and more touches on the ball
• In the women’s game, defensive players cannot be penalized for entering the shooting lane of an offensive player; offensive players will be penalized for taking a shot without regard for other players.

World Lacrosse Sixes Is Already Taking Off
Prior to today’s formal introduction of World Lacrosse Sixes, the new discipline is already being embraced and introduced for domestic competition by the following World Lacrosse members:

Australia Lacrosse Association
China Lacrosse Association
Costa Rica Lacrosse
England Lacrosse
German Lacrosse Association
Hong Kong Lacrosse Association
Iroquois Nationals/Haudenosaunee
Japan Lacrosse Association
Korea Lacrosse Association
Luxembourg Lacrosse Federation
Philippines Lacrosse Association
Lacrosse Scotland
Uganda Lacrosse Association

USA Lacrosse

Elevate Sixes Winter Classic


Tuesday November 30th (7-8pm)

Tuesday December 7th (7-8pm)

Tuesday December 14th (7-8pm)

Saturday December 18th(9am-2pm)

 * Jack Cook Tournament Weekend


Swope Soccer Village

6310 Lewis Rd. Kansas City, MO 64132


Tuesdays -  2 - 25 minute halves


Saturday - Minimum 3 game tournament


Boys - U8, U10, U12, U14, HS JV, HS Varsity, College+

Girls - U12, U14, HS JV, HS Varsity, College+

*Team Captain may register.  Coaches are not required for HS.  Youth Coaches will be provided.

Payments may be made offline by venmo or check

How To Sign Up?

Individual Registration | Have a preselected team? 

Register and list your teammates & team name.

Spring Teammates will be rostered together (12 max per roster)


Elevating the Competition in Kansas City

KC Elevate specializes in providing a first class league experience.   From new to advanced players, KC Elevate's Leagues offer the highest level of competitive and development in Kansas City.

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