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Player Evaluations.

Player evaluations is a crucial part of understanding where your at, what needs to improve, and where to go from there.KC Elevate's staff will evaluate each player in the following categories - Physical, Technical, Tactical, and Psychological. Each player will receive a report card on their evaluation and recommended steps to reach the next level of their development.


Physical.  Athlete's general athletic abilities including footwork, coordination, quickness, and speed.

Technical.  Fundamentals including throwing/catching, shooting, dodging, ground balls.

Tactical.  How well players work within teams offensive and defensive systems. Knowing and executing responsibilities - on and off ball defensive communication, understanding role in motion offense.

Psychological.  Players demeanor and approach to lacrosse.  This is an area that will focus on the following - players ability to relate and work with teammates, respect coaches/officials, effort level and body language.


Our job as coaches is to evaluate players so they have an transparent assessment on where they stand as a lacrosse player and the steps to take to reach their desired level of play. 

Saturday, May 1st 9:00am - 10:30am 

Indian Hills Middle School

6400 Mission Rd. Prairie Village, KS. 66208

$15 player Registration

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