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The foundation of ELEVATE is our Juniors Lacrosse programs. 

Our focus is to develop our young athletes in a "fun" and "active" environment. Our goal is to teach hand-eye coordination while learning the fundamentals of lacrosse - catching, throwing, ground balls and communicating with one another.  These drills will lead them to the next level of team play. 

Juniors U7 will teach your child the fundamentals of lacrosse with interaction of games and fun props in an active and safe environment!  Juniors U7 runs a 45 minute classes. ​

Juniors U13 will teach your child the fundamentals of lacrosse through drills and small sided game play!  Juniors U13 runs a 45 minute classes.


These programs have no direct contact - it's more of an orientation to get children interested in the sport and provide an extracurricular activity that teaches team play, communication, and hand-eye coordination.  

Equipment Used: Lacrosse Stick and Soft Ball.  Players can bring their own stick or borrow from us.

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